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25th January 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 - Codename “Project J”

This year everybody i know talked a great deal about the Samsung Galaxy S3, before and after its launch on the market, and I’m getting the feeling that this year will be no different regarding its successor.

Leaks and rumors surrounding the Galaxy S4 have already started surfacing on the web and to be honest, i am really excited about it especially since this particular gadget is part of a pretty lengthy legacy of “Galaxy S” devices. No doubt it will be an amazing device and judging by the information i gathered so far, we’re looking at some pretty beefy specs.


Samsung Galaxy S4 – New Information Surfaces

Hardware specs aside, new bits of information have started circulating quite recently and word on the street is that the upcoming Galaxy S4 is currently codenamed “Project J”. Whether or not this is a coincidence and “Project J” has nothing to do with the HTC J Butterfly –a.k.a. Droid DNA in the US at Verizon- doesn’t really matter because we do know that the S4 is indeed going to be a strong competitor to HTC’s flagship phone, especially considering the idea that it will arrive with a 5.0 inch display bearing a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

In addition to this new information regarding the handset’s codename, sources are also claiming that Samsung will officially announce their upcoming Galaxy beast in April 2013 (it looks like a Q1/Q2 Samsung Galaxy S3 release date is in the cards), which means we’re not going to be able and see what this particular gadget has to offer as early as MWC 2013.

Unfortunately, insiders have not been able to confirm the leaks surrounding the handset’s hardware specs, but if these turn out to be right on the money then the upcoming Samsung flagship device will sport even more RAM than the S3 or the Note 2, a blazing fast CPU and a 13 MP main camera.

As you can tell, I’m what some would call a Samsung fan-boy (that’s OK, you can call me like that yourself, i won’t take offense). But fan boy-ism aside, everybody should be hyped up about the Samsung Galaxy “Project J” S4. I will keep you updated.

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